Dancing House, Prague

I have about 500 shots of the Dancing House in Prague from every possible angle, portrait and landscape. They’ve been sitting on my disk for almost 2 years. I didn’t know how to process them as the light was not great and an early attempt using Photomatix was a disaster.

ISO 100, 14mm, f6.3, (1/1600, 1/400, 1/100 secs).

I chose the f-stop so that I would get fast enough speed for the moving cars. Blended and tonmeppaed in Photomatix using Details Enhancer. Reduced noise in Imagenomics Noiseware. Carefully straightened the vertilcals using the Lens Correction filter in PS as the whole point if the building is it’s vertical lines. Used the Freaky Details technique to get lots of details on the windows, etc. Used Nik Viveza to reduce the white glow around the building that was left over from Photomatix processing (masking the clouds). Used 15% Nik Glamour Glow to reduce the harshness of the Photomatix and Freaky Details.

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